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There is a variety of neon colored, multi-layered toothbrushes on the market. So, it has become increasingly hard to find a simple and effective extra smooth toothbrush for both healthy and sensitive tooth. NIMBUS MICROFINE toothbrush is extremely gentle on tooth and gums. With great minimalist design and multicolored grips, these toothbrushes received the hearts of many of their users.

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ARE YOU CURRENTLY Brushing Your Tooth and Noticed A Small Amount Of Blood On Toothbrush?

Do not stress! This unpleasant trend is known as bleeding gums or gingivitis. But how to prevent or quit the inflammation of the gums?

By definition, gum inflammation happens if you don’t completely daily clean the gathered soft teeth plaque from all of the surfaces of the teeth. Uncleaned plaque using its poisonous composition episodes gum tissue, leading to thereby the irritation, and it therefore affects the entire health. Rather than to mention the teeth loss as well. This is because bacteria from it flows through blood travels around the body. The aim is, therefore, to completely remove dental plaque. That is a sticky biofilm substance composed of bacteria which are constantly accumulating and developing. If it’s not eliminated, it reacts with calcium mineral from saliva. A hard oral plaque and tartar are gathered. And those can only just be removed by way of a dentist.

review Today, by using NIMBUS Microfine toothbrush you could have full control of oral plaque. Only in this manner you can prevent development of cavities, bleeding gums, poor breath, and down the road outcomes of gingivitis and periodontitis, due to poor oral cleanliness. There is absolutely no justification not to do so.

“If you are looking for a soft toothbrush to prevent gum recession you found that right one. These bristles are softer than with any other you have used before. They work just about as effective as you would need.”

However, the cause of gingivitis is not only irregular teeth brushing. A large number of people daily brush their teeth, but the gingivitis remains a problem. The reason behind this is utilizing a toothbrush with a small amount of materials. Manual toothbrush generally consists of 500 to 800 materials. Those are hard and may not totally clean the top of tooth. There is also a harder period reaching areas between your teeth and gums. So-called gums edge. NIMBUS toothbrush contains a large number of only soft bristles that are equally excellent at removing dental plaque and reaching all surfaces of the tooth.

A good toothbrush is not expensive in comparison with the cost of dental intervention!

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To maintain adequate oral hygiene, it is important to have an appropriate toothbrush . On the market are countless products of all shapes and sizes, made of pretty much quality materials. The decision of toothbrushes can be large and for that reason it really is harder to learn what to search for. In specific shops and pharmacies, it is possible to understand a variety of toothbrushes.

The issue with this kind of choice can be that their advancement can be in the hands of beauty companies, that are not led by the assistance of doctors and experts, but by concepts of marketing. To put it simply, they generate toothbrushes which will attract customer using its appearance. Therefore, they are not really taking into account the function that they should perform. For the uninformed customer, it is very difficult to make a proper choice. In this case, we can not stick to the saying “if it is more expensive, it is also better”.

Nimbus NIMBY For Kids

Why To Choose NIMBUS?

How would you choose the best manual toothbrush? You have to consider first what kind of product you need.

The main feature that we expect from a toothbrush is usually that it is very efficient at plaque removal from our teeth. To achieve this product should be so designed to be able to reach all parts of the jaw . Choosing the best manual toothbrush starts with choosing fibres on the merchandise. They are it is important because teeth comes straight into connection with them. Take note the type, form and arrangement from the fibres before buying each manual toothbrush.

nimbus NIMBUS toothbrushes possess a quality little and compact mind, that may reach all areas . They have great soft fibres that prevent harm to the gums. They have two types of fibres: Extra Soft fibres for achieving critical regions of teeth and Support Soft fibres for effective plaque removal. Manual brushes include 500-800 nylon fibres. With its use, much of the plaque stays on the teeth and often leads to bleeding gums.

Because of that, it is necessary to utilize pressure to remove plaque from hard to reach areas. By using a greater number of materials, cleaning is better and more layers of dental care plaque are eliminated. Their shape is also important. Product with razor-sharp bristle peaks is usually more harmful to tissue of the mouth than rounded ones. That is quite difficult to see on each brush, because their fibres have very small peaks.

nimbus Worn out toothbrushes have inverted peaks and shed their effectiveness. The most important area of the item is it’s fibres and not the form of the top. Which is important they are of top quality. Generally, toothbrushes possess 6 strands per duration path and 3 strands of fibres within the width. Toothbrushes with plenty of fibres have got 13 strands along duration and 4 within the width. With this kind of toothbrushes, fibres are closer jointly, so it’s simpler to maneuver around gums. The merchandise you select must have a whole lot of gentle strands and curved fibres.

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review The product packaging of the merchandise should always end up being labeled and generally tell how much materials toothbrush offers. Also, toothbrushes within the package are noticeable hard , medium or smooth . Today, there are specialized toothbrushes, labeled super soft and ultrasoft . Dentists (especially periodontists – dentists specializing in gum diseases) usually recommend using soft fibers . However, a product labeled ultrasoft can also be used daily. They are specially aimed at people who have canker sores in the mouth or sensitive teeth. But everyone can use them. Their fibers are strong enough to thoroughly clean your teeth and not to cause any harm at exactly the same time. Therefore rather, choose toothbrushes with the term smooth or super smooth .

With a soft toothbrush, you can still achieve the best effect. Primarily because you will not avoid brushing along the gums, where plaque accumulates the most. Soft toothbrushes are also recommended because along with toothbrushing at the same time a gentle massage of gums is happening. That, in turn, stimulates circulation in the gums. That is an extremely beneficial effect on the entire supporting apparatus of tooth. Plaque that sticks to your tooth is smooth, but additionally the smooth fibers will be the the majority of successful within the fight plaque.

review Alternatively, the smooth bristles which are rounded at the very top , have an advantageous influence on the teeth teeth enamel and gums. Hard toothbrushes and in addition not correctly cleaning one’s teeth could harm the gums and boost their sensitivity. They often times create micro pitting on the top of a smooth tissue and harm it. And on the chewing surfaces of teeth, they do not give a better effect than soft ones. Hard toothbrushes are more recommended for cleaning dentures.

For problems with gums (gingivitis and periodontitis), dental professionals are advising ULTRASOFT toothbrushes that have a beneficial effect on the already inflamed gums and do not damage them further. NIMBUS toothbrush with double soft fibers is also strong enough to clean the plaque from the teeth and soft enough that it does not damage the enamel or gums around the teeth.

Therefore, a perfect product, that will ensure the fitness of teeth and gums must meet the following requirements:

  • have as many fibers as possible on a small toothbrush head – for more efficient cleaning
  • soft fibers – cleaning of soft plaque, without damaging the gums
  • thin and thick fibers – which penetrate to reach more difficult places (the gum edge).

What Are The Fibers Of The NIMBUS Made Of?

Do you choose a manual toothbrush with natural or artificial fibers?

In this case, however, you should choose an artificial one ! The fibers of the product can be made of natural and artificial components. Usually, everything organic is way better, but as toothbrushes are involved situation may be the opposing. Natural fibers are constructed of all natural components, which swell when moisturized and then the fibers become extra-large. They cannot get into all the small spaces between the teeth and/or the teeth and gums that needs to be cleaned totally. With synthetic fibres, there is absolutely no inflammation. They wthhold the same quantity and elasticity and easier reach every area that need to become cleaned. Also, organic fibers dry more slowly after washing so bacteria build up more easily.


Synthetic fibers dry quickly , and it is less likely they will retain bacteria on them. If you use a product made out of natural fibers you can never be sure that all of the fibers are of the same power. Today, dietary fiber toothbrushes are often manufactured from nylon and/or polyester. This kind of hard, moderate and gentle bristles perform remove teeth plaque, but hard and moderate ones can completely damage the surface of the gums, tongue, and cheeks. They can cause periodontal disease, and also damage the fillings. Studies show that smooth toothbrush is similarly effective at getting rid of plaque in comparison to moderate and hard toothbrushes.

The dual-length bristles of NIMBUS toothbrush aren’t crafted from boar’s locks or nylon. Rather, they’re produced out PBT , which absorbs much less drinking water than nylon . You should let your clean dry out between brushings. Drying out does help reduce the number of bacteria.

What Size Of The NIMBUS Toothbrush Head IS MOST BENEFICIAL?

The top of the merchandise shouldn’t be too big because it will not be able to “crawl” into the spaces behind the last molars. It will also not be able to clean top surfaces of wisdom teeth if they are not in line with the biting surfaces of other molars. If oversized, heads are more difficult to handle, and the cleaning technique is bound and imperfect. NIMBUS toothbrushes are made to suit everybody’s flavor. They are incredibly soft, and available on the market, you’ll find toothbrushes having a two mind sizes – Regular and Small .

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