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Great Choice – Crest Noticeably White Whitestrips

rest may be the creator of several high quality items for the teeth whitening. They’re an organization with an extended tradition and great experience in creating whitening products. Many positive reviews for their products speak quantities about the strength of their brand.

Crest statements and advertises these strips as being safe for your enamel and be able to whiten your tooth in as little as few days of use.

All the whitening you will need

Similar to many other products of this type, these whitestrips turn up as polythene strips and are coated with a very thin film of gel that may do it’s job on your tooth and improve the way people perceive your smile.

When compared to other products in the same price range, Crest’s Noticeably White has some good advantages.


These Whitestrips are designed having a No Slip Grip which enables them to stay firmly in position and there are no so called “gel bleed” when applied. And that means you are safe from your gel entering your mouth.

Crest Noticeably

Better and Whiter smile

This feature enhances the quality of the Crest’s Noticeably White and separates it from many competition which often face this BIG challenge with their products.


The main component of many of these gels is definitely hydrogen peroxide which is an active compound that actually will the bleaching. If you experienced ever tasted in it’s diluted form, you know how bad it tastes, and certainly you’d never want to swallow even a bit of it again.

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Crest’s Noticeably

Package close-up Crest Noticeably White whitening strips

The dose of Hydrogen Peroxide which is contained in these whitestrips is relatively small (6%) and will not hurt your gums even if it spills a little bit when you use it for the firs time. But it can feel very unpleasant if that starts to happen repeatedly like with other brands.

The Package

With each package you will get 20 strips and they are enough for a 10 days of application. Two are used at the same time, one for the upper and one for the lower teeth.

Crest Noticeably

Before and After

For Whom Are They Intended? gong5deng
gong0deng If your teeth are already in pretty good condition and you would like to increase the brightness by a couple of shades , than these whitening strips are a good choice. gong1deng

However, if you have yellow teeth, than you will probably benefit more by dec > on a tight budget or just don’t want to spend goo much on whitening treatment, but still want to improve your smile, than you can go for these strips.

You should also strive to change your eating a drinking habits to make sure the whitening effect lasts as long as possible. And, in many instances, you would be improving your lifestyle in a healthy direction anyway. Plus, you could even save a bit if you are willing to give up some of those colored sugary drinks you consume.

How To Use Instructions:

  • After opening the box you can than open one of the indiv > your tooth

Step by step instructions

Don’t try to put too much effort to get the gel between the teeth. Fold the rest of the whitening strip over the teeth.

  • The strips should not move after applied and you need to wear them 1 to 2 2 hours. After 5 to 10 minutes had passed since program, the pieces should become translucent, nearly invisible.
  • Following the period specified for program had passed, wash the mouth area with tepid to warm water. Have a paper towel and grab the pieces of one’s teeth gently.
  • Dispose of the pieces.
  • Now you can rinse or clean your tooth.
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