Should You Use A Waterpik Before Or After Brushing Teeth?

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With regards to mouth hygiene, a lot of people first consider brushing. & most people perform brush their the teeth regularly. That has been second nature to many of us, a thing that we simply perform, our parents reminded us to accomplish since we were delivered.

Flossing? Well, let’s encounter it, not really much. Everybody knows how good it really is said to be a muslim the teeth and gums, nonetheless it is simply too uninteresting, takes a lot of time and isn’t exactly an easy task to do. It needs both hands, tolerance and certainly more concentrate than brushing. And you also can’t exactly get it done automatically.

Sensible people know all of this. Plus they hate flossing as well. This is why why they created Waterpik – an easier way to floss. You don’t need to place the hands in the mouth area. You don’t need to make use of floss that tangles into the teeth once in a while, use a plane of water rather. And also the efficacy provides improved.

But, when have you been supposed to make use of that Waterpik, before or after cleaning? That is a problem, nearly “the poultry or the egg”, nonetheless it provides separated opinions since flossing became as essential as cleaning.

In this specific article we will attempt to describe our viewpoint, keeping it basic, and offering you our views concerning this interesting query. But also, we will give our answers to additional common questions regarding daily oral hygiene routine. We will start the article old-school, with brushing.

teeth How Many Times ARE YOU CURRENTLY Supposed To Brush Your Tooth?

Let’s get this one from our way 1st (you probably know the answer) – brush after every meal, or at least twice a day time- once after breakfast (or after you wake up, if you don’t eat in the morning), and once before going to bed. Two times each day is enough to keep your teeth and gums healthy. 2x per day, 2-3 minutes for a healthy mouth, not a bad trade.

Brushing is important for one main reason – it mechanically eliminates the plaque that accumulates on your tooth surface. Plaque is really a slim film that is made up mostly of bacterias. It’s the number one reason behind teeth decay. If remaining unremoved, it begins penetrating the teeth enamel, eventually leading to cavity. It penetrates the periodontal wallets, causing gum swelling. Plaque accumulation also enhances tartar build-up. So eliminating plaque mechanically having a brush may be the most important factor you are able to do for your dental health.

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waterpik And this was only the toothbrush part of brushing. We haven’t talked about the benefits of toothpaste. The most obvious and the most pleasant one is fresh breath. But there are other benefits too. Most toothpastes contain fluoride, which is known to reinforce tooth enamel, and even reverse early signs of decay. Other toothpastes will whiten your teeth, giving you that shiny smile. There’s also those that help fighting gingivitis along with other gum disease. Therefore, once each day, once at night, and you also are great. But how about flossing?

How Frequently Should Yo u Floss?


You can find different views. Some state each and every time you clean, some state twice each day, some state once a day time. We prefer to keep it simple – floss once every day . If you have the patience, you can do it more often. But flossing is not fun, so just try to do it once until you form a habit, and you can increase that number later, if you find necessary. It will be sufficient to keep your teeth healthy, and you won’t feel overwhelmed by having to accomplish this uninteresting activity multiple moments every day.

When in the event you do it? Inside our opinion, in the event that you floss one time per time, try carrying it out at night . It is best to crystal clear those food continues to be that get trapped among your the teeth, than to leave them throughout the whole night. Your breath will smell better in the morning too, keeping your partner happy.

Make sure to add flossing to your routine if you haven’t already. It further enhances your oral hygiene. Not even the best toothbrush can reach spots a common floss can with ease. It will keep that plaque away, preventing tartar buildup and gum disease.

Waterpik? Since Waterpik is a water flosser, you should use it with the same frequency as any other string floss – at least once per day, preferably in the evening. You don’t need food remains hanging between your teeth the whole night, piling up nasty bacteria. But thinking about consider utilizing a Waterpik over a normal floss?



Once we possess said often – flossing is certainly far from getting exciting. Floss breaks, it sheds, it gets trapped between your the teeth (this is often a large problem, sometimes it needs a trip towards the dentist office). Which is not for everybody, just ask friends and family that wear brackets. Also, flossing with a normal floss requires both of your hands, plus a degree of dexterity and tolerance. Waterpik solves many of these problems.

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Waterpik runs on the plane of drinking water as its tool of choice, which means no strings. Absolutely nothing to shed, tangle, break or get stuck between your teeth. No bleeding too. Regular floss is the worst enemy of braces, implants and crowns. But not Waterpik – it is just a jet of water, with different power settings. Nothing can go wrong.

Also, in order to use Waterpik you only need one hand. And plus, it does not require any skill, even the people with medical conditions (e.g. arthritis) can use it safely. And you will spend less period cleaning your the teeth using a Waterpik – 3 secs per tooth and they’ll sparkle.


Nonetheless it isn’t only about increased ease and comfort – it is about efficacy too. Waterpik is better than a regular floss, in almost every aspect. It is up to 50% more effective fighting gingivitis, and your gums won’t bleed while you use it. Waterpik is going deeper into the pockets than a regular floss- the irrigation will penetrate up to 6 mm. Also, Waterpik is definitely up to 30% more effective fighting plaque, the main cause of tooth decay. After only a 3 second software, this great device is able to remove 99.9% of all plaque in the treated area.

Benefits of a Waterpik , in short:

  • Water aircraft – no dropping, tangling, tearing or breaking
  • Braces/Implants/Crowns/Bridges friendly
  • Does not require dexterity
  • Takes less time to floss
  • Better against plaque
  • Cleans gums deeper and better, stopping gingivitis and bleeding

So a far more comfy and an improved working alternative, Waterpik is better than regular floss on both fronts.


The brief answer is certainly yes – initial floss, then clean . The main reason why would be to enable your toothpaste to enter between your the teeth, and in to the storage compartments better. Flossing gets rid of chunks of meals as well as other debris within between the the teeth, and will actually allow the toothbrush to its job better.

There is also an equally important motivation reason – you know the old saying “do the hardest chore 1st”. Since brushing is something you are doing on autopilot, you don’t really need to think about it that much, you will probably do it anyhow. This is why it is essential to accomplish the flossing initial, it really is harder, more uninteresting and you tend to be more most likely not likely to do it in the event that you intend to get it done last. So when the truth is food remainings needs to obtain removed (and you also didn’t even understand these were there), you’ll get a lot more pumped- you will certainly know that you are in fact doing something, because you discover results with your personal eyes.

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Also, if you are using mouthwash (and you ought to), utilize it by the end of your dental routine. Flossing, and brushing will create debris, and rinsing with a proper mouthwash will remove it. Try getting a fluoride mouthwash – this will strengthen your teeth even further. Your teeth and gums will be clean and your breath fresh as well.

  1. Floss,
  2. Brush,
  3. Mouthwash,
  4. Done!

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In this articles we have covered a lot more than the initial issue, and we achieved it deliberately. We tried to supply all the essential information and describe you why you need to clean and floss to begin with. We explained the significance of regular cleaning, the usage of toothpaste. Also why you need to floss. Also, we’ve presented you the advantages of Waterpik drinking water flosser – an improved solution when compared to a regular floss.

In the end we gave our opinion about the order of points. We think that flossing should be the first step in your dental hygiene routine. Also, we think that you should do it at least once per day, and you should brush your teeth at least twice per day. And if you floss once, do it before bed – your mouth is closed throughout the night, making it an ideal place for bacterias to flourish.

But appearance, so long as you are cleaning and flossing your the teeth regularly, you happen to be great, timing and strategies are less essential than doing the particular work. But by no means choose between cleaning and flossing! They’re equally important, and you also simply must discover time to perform both activities, each day. Your teeth will many thanks.

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