Sparkling White Professional Strength 6%HP Teeth Whitening Strips

Sparkling White-colored Professional Strength – Great and Affordable Whitening Strips

These strips for whitening are also one of those less known brands trying to establish themselves on the market. Dazzling White Professional Power appears to have struck that great stability between cost and quality for many individuals.

Although there are a few ongoing issues with these pieces once we will quickly discuss in greater detail, but the reviews by consumers have already been quite positive general.

The treatment period is 14 days and you will get the package of 28 whitening strips in total which should be of course equally divided between upper and lower set of teeth.

In the Sparkling White Professional Strength package you will also get a free shade guide. That is cool add-on to these strips as we are sure you probably don’t have one just laying around in your house.

You can use it to measure up the progress as you go through this 2 week treatment period. For best comparison try to gauge progress always in the same light conditions. At the same time of day, check your teeth color under a natural light conditions and in the same position in the room.

Tips for using Gleaming White Professional Power pieces

Sparkling White-colored Professional Power 2 pieces pack

Below are a few tips to inform you how to correctly handle these pieces. You can even apply these pointers using the various other brands.

  • Constantly be sure the hands are dried out when managing them.
  • Before you begin applying the Gleaming White Professional Power wipe your the teeth using a napkin. Make an effort to get a teeth to become as dry as you possibly can for maximum impact before starting program.
  • This help pieces to stick easier to teeth which enables getting greatest results by equally distributing gel on the top of teeth.
  • USUALLY DO NOT clean your the teeth before applying these pieces. Nevertheless, you should make use of oral floss or drinking water flosser to clear your the teeth beforehand.
  • Following the application it is possible to brush your the teeth gently to eliminate the residue from the gel.
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Once you remove visual mistakes that stem from the encompassing conditions you ought to be able to discover steady progress when you gradually complete the procedure.


It requires several times, same for probably the most various other whitening strips, to find out first results. Therefore, be patient and complete the whole treatment before you summarize results. After the treatment is done, to extend the achieved results, try to improve your eating and drinking habits to avoid staining the teeth too soon.

How to Use Instructions – Step by Step Guide

Here is how you should use the Sparkling White Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Strips:

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gong0deng Preparation and peeling of the whitening strips gong1deng
gong4deng gong11deng Step 1 1: gong12deng Start with the lower teeth strip and press the gel s > white

How to apply properly

Step 3 3: Leave the strips on for 30 minutes. It is recommended never to lower the application form time significantly less than 15 minutes. It’s also advisable to not increase than thirty minutes.
Step 4: Following the period is up take away the pieces and toss them aside.


Removal period and finishing pieces application

Stage 5: Following would be to clean the mouth area and remove all of the remnants from the gel from one’s teeth.

  • If you are completed for your day with using pieces put them back the refrigerator (or various other great and cool place), but usually do not freeze them. By no means keep them near any immediate heat resources.
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