When Little Things Mean A Lot: The Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening

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You know how good it feels when you smile and the whole world smiles back at you?

It turns out that smiling is not just good for your mood and emotional health, it also plays a vitally important part in your physical well-being.

But, can you still smile confidently if you have stained teeth?

As they say, you are never fully dressed without a smile. Having shiny white teeth enhances your smile. That is why teeth whitening has become a trend nowadays. With new technology and research, this popular dental treatment has become a phenomenal way to boost confidence and improve self-esteem.

There are many reasons why your teeth are stained. Eating habits and lifestyle can greatly cause staining and produce discolored teeth. Some common foods that you should avoid if you want to maintain pearly, white teeth are the following:

  • Food high in acids
  • – Citrus foods are high in ac > Sugary foods – Bacteria that causes tooth decay feed on sugars and carbohydrates. Eating too much sweets can trigger tooth decay. Signs of tooth decay show dark holes on your teeth.



Coffee lover? gong1deng Say goodbye to white teeth. You must choose. If you drink too much coffee, the chance of having beautiful white smile is almost impossible. Coffee contains ac > gong0deng Wine gong1deng – Both red and white wine can stain your teeth. Red wines are known to cause grayish color on your teeth, which is harder to remove compared to the yellowish tinge. Red wine also contains tannins. White wine has ac > Is Teeth Whitening Good For You?

Teeth whitening may not be all that positive. It has its own drawbacks. So, before you go and book an appointment for teeth whitening, weigh the facts first.


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