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Xylitol mints are a great way to enjoy a sweet taste in your mouth without feeling guilty that you are harming your oral health by a developing tooth decay. As research has proved, Xylitol actually prevents the bad bacteria from attaching to your teeth. This in turn lowers the occurrence of the teeth decay, which also will save you a lot of money longterm in dental remedies.

For many people, maintaining good dental hygiene is a hard choir. Weather it really is due to insufficient period or forgetfulness, in some way, most of us, from to time and energy to time by pass on the standard teeth’s health activity, like cleaning tooth or flossing.

And, once the period arrives to get a dental checkup, we have been shocked to find that new cavities have formed since the last time we had a visit to a dentist.

It stands to reason that we should try to improve our habits as much as we can. One small way, one can help him or herself is to try to find a more healthy alternative to the habits we already have.

xylitol In this particular case, if you already use breath freshener mints, why not use the ones that are the most beneficial to your oral health? We did some research on the market and taken into account consumer reviews and reviews to get some excellent Xylitol mints and evaluate them! And, if you’re also searching for something it is possible to give your kids, go through our Xylitol Chocolate Review for a few great choice. For individuals using the sinuses issue Xylitol Nasal Aerosol is actually a certainly worth while account, which is currently becoming a lot more popular method to normally clean nasal area.

#1. Xlear Spry Power Peppermint Xylitol Mints

Xlear Spry Power Peppermint Mints are 100% made out of Xylitol and will be a great additional to your arsenal to combat tooth decay and gum disease. These Xylitol mints will keep your breath fresh and your mouth moisturized. If you have a dry mouth complications, these mints will eliminate two wild birds with one rock for you personally.

freshenBes > great feeling in the mouth area. And it seems better still when you understand that in addition, it makes your the teeth more resistant to cavities .

You might be interested to learn the set of substances inside Xlear Spry Peppermint. This is actually the list: xylitol, organic peppermint oil, calcium mineral lactate, carnauba polish, magnesium stearate and gum arabic.

xylitol How frequently do you require these mints? Well, a couple of after each food will refresh the mouth area and protect your the teeth just fine. Besides that, you should use them once you possess the urge to feel that great clean feeling in the mouth. Xylitol is known to have only about a third of calorie value, compared to common sugar , so there is no danger of gaining an extra weight when using these mints.

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mints freshen xylitol xylitol
Flavor Berry Lemon Peppermint Cinnamon
Count 240/45 240/45 240/45 240/45

gong0deng Each mint weights 0.6 grams and half of that is Xylitol, which is the main ingredient. gong1deng
gong0deng Many people really like the taste which is strong and leaves a long-lasting aftertaste. The size of the serving is usually chosen well and is perfect for refreshing mouth after a sugary treat. gong1deng
gong0deng If however you eat a meals that sticks to your the teeth, you might try Xylitol Gum as yet another defensive measure. gong1deng
gong4deng gong5deng #2. Epic Teeth 100% Xylitol Mints – Peppermint gong6deng gong7deng

Epic Dental 100% Xylitol Sweetened Mints with Peppermint taste is an excellent sugar free alternative to standards mints. Like the mints reviewed above, it is all natural and the main ingredient used is Xylitol. Bes > gluten free and safe for kids .

xylitol As the other products which are predominantly made out of Xylitol, it will have a beneficial effect in preventing a tooth decay . It will also decrease the plaque the bacterias are creating and can even assist in the teeth remineralization .

mints When you have problems with dried out mouth area, these mints should help relieve a number of the issue temporarily among the great properties of Xylitol is certainly that’s moisturizes the mouth area. Some people prefer to consider these Xylitol mints together wherever each goes, also to bed.

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mints freshen freshen
Tastes FRUIT
– Tin
– Pouch
– Container
– Handbag
– Tin
– Pouch
– Container
– Handbag
– Tin
– Pouch
– Container
– Handbag
Rely 60/40/180/1000 60/40/180/1000 60/40/180/1000


With 12 to 20 of the daily, spread on the whole day, you can get the recommended dose of Xylitol which helps prevent bacteria from sticking to your tooth.

When you use Xylitol mints with high content material of Xylitol, like Epic Dental care 100% Xylitol Sweetened Mints, always be sure that your dog, if you have one, cannot get hold of them. Xylitol is usually highly harmful to dogs and may can cause hypoglycemia. Small breeds of dogs are especially in danger, as little as 50mg per per pound of the sweetener ingested could cause lethal hypoglycemia.

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#3. XyliMelts for Dried out Mouth area Xylitol Mints, Mint-Free

For those who have dry mouth complications these mints or “disks” because the producer phone calls them, contain 500 mg of Xylitol which dissolves gradually in the mouth area. One side from the mint provides better friction and allows use through the nights rest.

Clinical Survey performed in March 2016 display that Oracoat XyliMelts for Dried out Mouth was graded most reliable by dentists . These mints, or adhering disks as they are also called can be used both during the day and also at night .

Slowly liberating Xylitol from your disk coats the surface of the tooth and dental mucosa, moisturizes and lubricates it.

One of the discomforts and problem people with dry mouth face is definitely waking up at night due to dry mouth. This breaks the sleeping pattern and makes a person tired in the day ahead. Consequently problem with concentration and productivity amount. It’s clear to see how “basic” issue of the dried out mouth could make types life very hard.

freshen XyliMelts for Dried out Mouth prevents this issue in its begin by allowing you to get a great night sleep. Improved salivation that’s made by dissolving from the disks helps to keep mouth area moisturized also throughout the day. But it can last relatively shorter because of speaking and nibbling.

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mints mints
Tastes Mint-Free Mild Mint
Depend 40/60/80 40/60/80

freshen An extra benefit is the fact that XyliMelts for Dried out Mouth also decreases the chance of teeth decay and freshens your breathing .

When you have a dog, note that one disk can cause hypoglycemia in a 10 lbs (5 kg) dog. The effect is usually proportionate with larger dogs, so only several of these disks can be poisonous to almost any dog you might have in house. Always be certain to maintain it from the reach of household pets or kids who may inadvertently spill the disks on to the floor where dog will get and consume them.

Among the signs for these disks that should you eat even more than 30 grms in a day it can trigger discomfort within the abdomen or diarrhea. Additionally it is not recommended for children under the 6 years of age.

mints List of ingredients:

  • Xylitol – 500 mg which is gradually released
  • Cellulose Gum – which is used for coating, moisturizing and lubricating mouth.
  • Vegetable Guar Gum
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Peppermint Flavor – moderate in taste
  • Calcium Stearate
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The intended way to use XyliMelts for Dry Mouth is to place two disks in the mouth area, one on each aspect . You can place it in the low or upper area of the cheek. You might adjust the dosage as needed with the addition of or getting rid of disks.

Disks aren’t intended to end up being chewed and will end up being removed unless you are finished eating. It is also recommended not to eat or drink anything containing sugar for one hour after using XyliMelts.

#4. XyloBurst Xylitol Mints Jar, Lemon

XyloBurst Mints Jar with a lemon taste contains 300 Xylitol mints which are non-GMO and are also gluten free .

XyloBurst is preferred by dental practitioners and is ideal for low-carb and sugar-controlled diet plans . They make use of Xylitol because the just sweetener.

Teeth decay is carefully related to glucose and starch from different food we consume every day. Research that have been carried out shown that eating products with high concentration of Xylitol reduces the chance of getting a tooth decay and also improve the oral health.

Ingredients used are: Xylitol, beeswax (glazing agent), calcium lactate, natural flavors, magnesium stearate and gum arabic.

XyloBurst mints have a great taste. But, same as other mints, they are not intended to be used immediately. Though some people keep them on their night time stand which enables them to quickly consider one if indeed they happen to awaken at night time with the dried out mouth.


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mints xylitol freshen
Taste Berry Lemon Peppermint
Rely 200/300 200/300 200/300

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xylitol mints xylitol mints
Taste Peppermint Ginger Grape Watermelon Wintermint Orange Citrus Licorice
Rely 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

If you wish to work with a Xylitol item with an extended effect you can test a Xylitol Gum as better item for this purpose.

Flavors obtainable in jars are Berry, Lemon and Peppermint.

The main ingredient is made from US birch. With regular use, spread out during the day along with brushing twice each day, XyloBurst yXlitol mints can gradually reduce the plaque biofilm leaving you with that fantastic refreshing and clean feeling in the mouth. This will also, as a consequence improve the freshness of your breath .

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